Marker Set


  • Eight colour set of dry-erase fluorescent markers for marker boards.
  • Can also be used to decorate windows.
  • Bullet nib markers.
  • Washes off with water and rag.

SqueeGee Blue - Double Edged


  • One rigid side and one felt side.
  • Good for pushing prints into hard to reach places.
  • Easier on the surface with less ‘scratching’ of the media.

SqueeGee White


  • The most rigid of the squeegees.
  • Good for cut vinyl onto glass or hard substrates.
  • Not recommended for delicate medias like frosted and un-laminated prints as it can leave scratch marks on its own.

SqueeGee Felt


  • Softer surface to ensure minimal scratching of the media.
  • Limited to pushing media down as hard for those trickier surfaces.