How do I send you my logo/artwork?

What is vector you ask? Essentially it means that when artwork is originally designed in Illustrator it can saved in such a way that it can be altered to any size and shape without it affecting the clarity and original look of your design. Any other file format or sending us small files most likely will become pixelated and blurry when we enlarge for your sign. If you don’t have this version, try to get the person who designed your logo to send you this version of it or to save your artwork in a high resolution .jpg and scaled to the size of the art board you are ordering. (Preferably 300 dpi resolution) Keep in mind a .jpg format means that the background colour will be imbedded into the logo so it will show on the template you have chosen.

We’ve provided some video examples so you can see how to save art in the correct format. Click here for a video showing you how to save your artwork to outlines on Mac, and click here for a video showing you how to save your artwork to outlines on PC.

What if I don’t have any logo?

You can either hire a graphic designer on your own or hire one of ours available at any time.

Can I make changes to the board and design?

Yes, we can make changes to your first proof from our designer then additional changes may result in design fees.

How do I upload my own complete design?

After choosing your board and before the initial design stage of your sign you will find an upload your logo button.  After this you will proceed to the check out.  A proof of your sign will be sent to you for proofing and approval before printing begins.  * Important to make sure your logo is sized out to fit the measurements of the substrate you have chosen. ie. You picked a 30” x 48” PVC board?  Your artwork must be sent at that exact same size or risk of pixelation or blurry images may occur when we scale it larger.

How do I apply the vinyls we just bought from you?

We’ve got some handy videos to show you how to apply your vinyls:
Applying Graphics to Any Surface

Will the final product look exactly like the design proof I approved?

The color on your final products may be slightly different from your online proof due to RGB and CMYK conversion. A computer monitor has an RGB display, while we print with CMYK ink, which is standard in the printing industry. A computer screen mixes shades of red, green, and blue (hence RGB) to create color pictures.

Comparisons between RGB displays and CMYK prints can be difficult, since the color reproduction technologies and properties vary from printer to printer. There are some colors which a computer monitor can display which are impossible to identically recreate when using the standard CMYK inks available.

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time for all boards with exception of wood boards is 3-4 days after proof has been approved.  Our custom built Wood boards are custom stained and assembled and need a few extra days, generally 5-7 days.  Special custom jobs can take longer depending on detail of each project.  Shipping can add 1-4 days and to this and can be chosen by you during your checkout period of the purchase.

Can my order be rushed?

Yes we offer a “Rush” production option starting at $30.00 per job (each separate design in your order). Please take into account that the ‘in your hand’ time depends on the shipping method that you select. If the deadline is within one week, please always use Air shipping since Ground transit time is not guaranteed.

If you would like “Rush” production, make this selection on the Shipping Page. Don’t forget to also choose an expedited shipping method to guarantee a delivery date.

  • All Rush jobs with Air shipping and proof approved before 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time will be shipped out the same day.
  • If you approve a Rush job after 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, it will be shipped out the next business day.
  • All Rush jobs with Ground shipping will be shipped out the next business day.
  • Priority Rush for a last-minute job (after the 4:00 p.m. cut-off time) is available for an additional fee